Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 27 at 9/8c

Where We Left Off: The team finally took out the "Gig Harbor Killer," but not before he captured Finlay. After the killer's death, D.B. found Finlay in the trunk of a stolen car, but after spending time in the hospital, she remained unresponsive. Nick decided to take a position leading his own CSI lab in San Diego.

What's Next: The long-running procedural will wrap its run with a two-hour special that features returning original cast members William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger and Paul Guilfoyle, among others. (George Eads and Elisabeth Shue will not return, which may speak to Finlay's fate.) So what gets the old band back together? "There's a catastrophic event that paralyzes Las Vegas," says creator Anthony Zuiker, who wrote the finale. " And that dovetails into Lady Heather [Melinda Clarke]. There's some level of implication there." While Zuiker wouldn't confirm if the perpetrator of the event is a familiar foe, he insists that this will be a proper farewell. "There's a lot of minutiae in there, a lot of homage -- a little something for everyone, from the one-percenters to the casual fans," he says. "We did the best we could to write a story that was able to have sufficient closure for all the people we love."

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