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Konu: CSI: New York - Replikler

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    Standart CSI: New York - Replikler

    CSI:NY Repliklerini burada paylaşalım..
    Spoiler olursa spoiler olarak yazalım.. :img-wink:

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    deniz_im - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)

    Cool 2. sezon d/l

    2×03 - Zoo York

    Danny:: That’d be me, Danny Messer. How ya doin’?
    Lindsay: Hi.
    Danny:: Just take a deep breath. Don’t let him know you’re afraid because he can sense when you’re nervous.
    Lindsay: Tiger’s tranquilized, I think I can handle it.
    Danny:: I was talking about Mac and make sure you call him sir.
    Lindsay: Passes?
    Danny:: Passes. I’m sure you’ve never ever seen anything like that in Montana.
    Lindsay: You’ve ever seen what a full grown black bear can do to a man?

    Danny: Can I help?
    Lindsay: No thank you. You’ve helped enough already this morning.
    Danny: O-kay. (gets in each other’s way in the lab) Alright… after you.
    Lindsay: I’ll do it. (cuts piece of evidence on slab of meat)
    Danny: Country girl.

    2×06 - Youngblood

    Danny: Mac says to find you here. What do you got?
    Lindsay: Did you read the field report?
    Danny: Missing weapon, low projectile penetration, high residue potion, missing second party, ipod, chop sticks, glove, did I miss anything?
    Lindsay: The missing second party was wearing size 6 shoes, 7 tops. We’re looking for a small woman.
    Danny: Or a young one.
    Lindsay: And the report said there was a likely sexual connection. DOA was in his fifties. Do you want the elastic or the paper?
    Danny: I should probably handle the paper because there might be something on it. (Lindsay finishes first) You’re done?
    Lindsay: Waiting on you.

    2×08 - Bad Beat

    Lindsay: Footage from your 30th birthday, Messer?
    Danny: Walrus documentary, actually.
    Hawkes: It’s Tara Stansfield, our vic from the park.
    Lindsay: Who’s the other walrus?

    2×09 - City of the Dolls

    Lindsay: Maybe this isn’t about the doll at all. Maybe he just used it to defend himself.
    Danny: Grip was way too tight. You ever been to a shooting where the vics hand is frozen in place? You can actually take the gun and slide it right into the palm. Perfect fit. (grips Lindsay’s hand) That means he was struggling with the attacker for the gun. Same thing happened here. (continues to hold her hand until she pulls it away) You know? You hungry?
    Lindsay: No… I gotta get back to the… lab.
    Danny: Yeah, yeah. Me too. Me too.

    Danny: What are you doin’? You don’t gotta do that.
    Lindsay: I was taught that if you show someone a little respect you might get more than what you came for.
    Danny: You, uh, play good cop, I’ll be bad cop and I’ll keep my shoes on.
    Lindsay: Okay. I guess you didn’t grow up with hardwood floors.
    Danny: No I didn’t actually. Bronx marble.
    Lindsay: What’s that?
    Danny: It’s linoleum.

    Danny: I thought you were going to play good cop. (Lindsay uses him to lean on while putting on her shoes)
    Lindsay: There’s something about that woman.
    Danny: Yeah I know. She had all the answers huh.
    Lindsay: Danny. (finds evidence on floor rug)
    Danny: Yeah?
    Lindsay: Let’s see if she has an answer for this.

    2×13 - Risk

    Danny: Well hello, Ms. Monroe. Wow, you look real nice. Were you at the mayor’s party also?
    Lindsay: I was at the opera.
    Danny: I ** hanging out with all the wrong people. You know that?

    Danny: Nice collar Monroe (after she pulls the shirt off a potential suspect trying to stop his getaway)

    2×14 - Stuck on You

    Lindsay: It’s not as glamorous as I would have imagined. Where’s the limo and the girls with the tight shirts?
    Danny: Trust me it’s not like that at all.
    Lindsay: You know more about this than your average CSI.
    Danny: Yeah I played for a while. Enough to get a taste of the world and that was enough for me.
    Lindsay (as Danny walks away and follows a trail) Alright… well uh… bye! I’ll just meet you back at the lab with the… uh… DOA.

    Mac: You guys are on the music promoter.
    Danny: Like glue. (Mac walks away laughing)
    Lindsay: He doesn’t think that’s funny. He’s humoring you.
    Danny: You don’t know him like I do.
    Danny: (to Lindsay) Wanna go see Rough Sects?

    Danny: Sorry I’m late.
    Lindsay: It’s okay. I ordered you a beer.
    Danny: Thanks. So… what’s up? (most definitely thinking the meeting is more intimate)
    Lindsay: It’s just something I thought you might be interested in.
    Danny: Jazz music. That’s me. (sees Mac playing bass) Get out of here. Are you kidding me? How’d you know he played?
    Lindsay: Figured it out. I could tell by the way held the bass in the lab that he knew guitars. I knew he had a standing appointment on Wednesdays. It could have been a shrink or yoga, but I took the music option.
    Danny: I’m impressed.
    Lindsay: Maybe you didn’t know him as well as you thought. (Danny nods)

    2×15 - Fare Game

    Danny: I got meal worm spaghetti, stink bug patte, that’s nice. Cricket croquette, raised ant bruschetta, Thai dragonflies. Who’s goin’ first?
    Stella: You’ve gotta be kidding.
    Don: Pass.
    Lindsay: It’s just protein. (bites into deep fried tarantula)
    Danny: Ughh…
    Mac: Told you she’d do it.
    Danny: Alright, alright. Here you go. (hands money to Mac)
    Mac: Okay. Pizza in my office. (everyone follows except D/L)

    Lindsay: You bet Mac I wouldn’t do it?
    Danny: Yeah. What was I thinkin’? Shouldn’t bet against a country girl.
    Lindsay: You know it’s actually not that bad.
    Danny: Well try it with some grasshopper chutney.
    Lindsay: Hmmm… uh huh… mmmm.
    Danny: Wasp tamale?
    Lindsay: Don’t mind if I do.
    Danny: Spaghetti meal worm’s the best.

    2×16 - Cool Hunter

    Danny: Look you promised me drinks for this, but I think I’m going to need some dinner too.
    Lindsay: I’m not going to give you anything if you don’t get going. Make tracks cowboy.

    2×17 - Necrophilia Americana

    Danny: What did you run out of bug spray?
    Lindsay: Dermestid tissue removal.
    Danny: Museum vic. So are you participating in that investigation or is this just a forensic peep show?
    Lindsay: Hammerback couldn’t determine the cause of death so he needs to deflesh the vic.
    Danny: Using the bugs.
    Lindsay: Yeah, they’re better at tissue removal at this stage. They’re cleaner, plus they don’t destroy potential evidence. Since Hammerback’s finished with you, I get to take the beetles to the lab with me.
    Danny: Don’t eat them.
    Lindsay: You’re a little late on that one.
    Danny: Still doesn’t mean it’s not funny.

    2×18 - Live Or Let Die

    Lindsay: (over the phone) Adam. Adam! Okay, okay, sorry. I’ll leave you alone. Ughhh!!
    Danny: Very attractive.
    Lindsay: The DNA sample from the sex kit of our vic… It’s a complex mixture of multiple donors.
    Danny: Then I suggest that you just kick back and relax. It’s going to take Adam quite awhile to isolate the profiles.

    Lindsay: Have you ever gotten an anonymous phone call from anyone?
    Danny: Sure it’s happened.
    Lindsay: Does it turn you on?
    Danny: Woah! Slow down there Montana. What’d you have in mind?
    Lindsay: Our vic was having relationships with over 20 men. All on the phone.
    Danny: Sounds like an addiction.
    Lindsay: These guys were really hooked and she was just a voice. They knew nothing about her. Not even what she looked like.
    Danny: It’s a fantasy. Uncomplicated means of sexual arousal. You get a little somethin’ somethin’ you don’t have to pay for dinner.
    Lindsay: How can anybody be satisfied with just that. I find it hard to believe that one of these guys is not our killer/rapist.
    Danny: Phone sex doesn’t fit the profile of a rapist.
    Lindsay: Because rape is about control not sex?
    Danny: Right and your vic was the one initiating the phone calls right? (Lindsay nods) Okay. So she was in control, not these guys.
    Lindsay: So it’s a possibility that Lilian was raped by a total stranger.
    Danny: It’s possible.

    2×19 - Super Men

    Danny: Tell me you know a little something about football, please.
    Lindsay: Is that so hard to believe?
    Danny: No, it’s just dangerous. I might ask you to marry me.
    (Thanks Elaine!)

    2×20 - Run Silent, Run Deep

    Danny: What is it Montana? You beeped me 911, are you all right?
    Lindsay: The DNA sample from the cigarette we found in the end zone came back to an internal control sample.
    Danny: What do you mean, the smoker works here in the lab? How can that be? Have you told anybody else about this?
    Lindsay: No. Just you.

    2×21 - All Access

    Danny: Mac’s with Stella right now.
    Lindsay: I just… I can’t believe it. How does something like that happen? I mean I know how it happens, but… should we go visit her?
    Danny: No. Mac said he’d let us know. He wants us to stick to the limo case right now. Business as usual. Are you alright?
    Lindsay: Yeah. I’ll be fine.

    Danny: Montana! Hey, what’s up? Hey, this guy’s about to fold. Hey, hey, hey, hey, ease up.
    Lindsay: You know what Danny, maybe you should handle this case by yourself. Okay?!
    Danny: Mac’s handling Stella’s situation. Alright? If he needs us, he’ll let us know. Until then…
    Lindsay: I just wish there was something we could do to help.
    Danny: You know what Stella would say? What we could do to help the most? Is close this Russo case. All right?

    2×22 - Stealing Home

    Danny: Montana. See a view like this? Huh? Beats the wheat field, no?
    Lindsay: Have you ever even seen a wheat field?
    Danny: What’s to see? It’s just wheat.

    Lindsay: Do you think Danny calls me Montana because I’m a 49ers fan?
    Sid: He calls you that ’cause he’s got a crush on you.

    2×24 - Charge of This Post

    Danny: Well, you still want that ride?
    Lindsay: Yeah. Sure.

    anam bi ara hepsini çevirip koycam ama ingilizceleri bile güzel:img-hyste:img-in_lo

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    Bende tam turkcelerını ıstıcektım ne bunların turkcesı dıye
    <img src= border=0 alt= />

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    deniz_im - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)


    2. bölüm
    Danny:: benim, danny messer. Nasıl gidiyor?
    Lindsay: Merhaba.
    Danny:: Sadece derin bir nefes al. Onun senin korktuğunu bilmesine izin verme çünkü gergin olduğunu hissedebilir
    Lindsay: kaplan sakinleştirildi sanırım ben bunun üstesinden gelebilirim
    Danny:: Ben Mac den bahsediyordum ve ona efendim diye hitap ettiğinden emin ol.

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    ''New York'ta herkes yalan söyler ama kanıtlar asla.."

    Çok hoşuma gidiyor bu söz..:img-in_lo

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